The Autorimessa Europa is located in the Eastern part of the centre of Trento, in via Roggia Grande, 20; it is adjacent to the Limited Traffic Zone pedestrian zone (Z.T.L.). About 80 parking lots are available. It is extended on two floors: the ground floor and the underground one.


The parking service is organized in order to simplify the delivery and the pick up of the cars as much as possible.

The customer will not struggle to find an ideal spot for his/her car, since an operator would take this in charge and find a suitable lot, according to the duration of the parking and the dimensions of the car. When the customer comes back, he/she will find his/her car oriented toward the exit, and, if necessary, our operators will assist him/her in getting out.

Our philosophy consists in providing not simply a parking, but a customer-focused service: we take care of them during both the arrival and the departure, we offer our help to carry bulky packets to the car and we are happy to give all kind of touristic information.

The driver who chooses the Autorimessa Europa must feel in more than good hands. The cameras surveillance system and the presence of the operators during the working hours are a security guarantee for our customers and their cars.